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Social Security Card Updates

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Life's changes should be mirrored in your personal documents. Whether you've moved, corrected your name, or need to update other vital information, SSN Simple makes updating your Social Security card information a clear and straightforward process.

Keep Your Information Current

Tailored Guidance for Name Changes

Detailed Assistance


Our service provides you with comprehensive help, ensuring your Social Security card is up-to-date.

Customized Application Kit


Receive all the necessary forms and detailed instructions specific to your update needs.

Protected Privacy


Your personal information is encrypted and handled with the utmost care.

Swift Turnaround


Expect your updated Social Security card within two weeks of the SSA's receipt of your application.

Required Documentation: What You'll Need

Depending on the nature of your update, you may need to provide:

Proof of identity with your current name (e.g., Passport, State ID, Driver's License)


Supporting documents for changes (e.g., court order for name change, immigration papers for status update)

Important Points to Remember


  Original Documents: Our system is optimized to prepare your application quickly and accurately.

  Secure Return: Your documents will be returned through a secure process once your update is processed.

Common Updates You Might Need

There are several reasons you might need to update your card, including:

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Change of address

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Correction of personal details, such as your birthdate or name spelling

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Changes due to citizenship or immigration status

Processing Time: Set Your Expectations

Standard Processing

After the SSA processes your application, expect your updated card in approximately two weeks.

Volume Variations

Processing times may extend due to high demand or local office workload.

Immigration Considerations

For non-citizens, processing may take an additional 1 to 4 weeks post Visa approval.

Keep Your Number

Your Social Security number will remain the same, only your name will be updated.

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Important Remember

Regularly updating your Social Security card to reflect changes in your personal information is not just about having the correct card—it's about ensuring that your work, tax, and legal records are all in order. Delays in updating your card can lead to complications with these important aspects of life.

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