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Social Security Card Replacement

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Lost or damaged your Social Security card? SSN Simple offers a straightforward solution to replace your essential identification card without the hassle. Our process ensures your replacement card is just a few clicks away.

Replace Your Card with Ease

Hassle-Free Application

Streamlined Process


Our system is designed to simplify the replacement of your Social Security card.

Personalized Kit


You'll receive a custom application kit with detailed instructions.

Secure Submission


Follow our secure process to submit your application with peace of mind.

Swift Turnaround


Expect your Social Security card replacementwithin two weeks of the SSA's receipt of your application.

Required Documentation: What You'll Need

To replace your card, the SSA requires proof of your identity. Depending on your status, you may need to show proof of citizenship or lawful noncitizen status. Here's what you can use:

U.S Passport

U.S State ID or U.S Driver's License

A U.S. Military Identification Card

Importants Details

Originals Only: Photocopies or notarized copies are not acceptable.

Return of Documents: Your documents will be returned to you by the SSA.

Replacing a Card for Minors

For children under 18, additional documentation may be required to establish the child's identity. If you're a parent or guardian applying on behalf of a minor, please be prepared to provide:

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The child's birth certificate

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Your ID to prove your own identity

Processing Time: Set Your Expectations

Standard Processing

The SSA typically requires two weeks from receiving your application to process your card replacement.

Volume Variations

Processing times may extend due to high demand or local office workload.

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Immigration Considerations

For non-citizens, processing may take an additional 1 to 4 weeks post Visa approval.

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