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New Social Security Card Application

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Embark on the path to obtaining your new Social Security card with ease and confidence. At "SSN Simple," we've crafted a streamlined application process designed to ensure your application is accurate and ready for approval by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Receive a tailor-made application package, and just follow our simple mailing instructions to send it to your local SSA office.

Acquiring Your New Card, Simplified

The SSN Simple Advantage

Proprietary Screening


Every application undergoes our exclusive review process to eliminate common errors.

Customized Application Package


Receive a package with pre-filled forms—just sign and send.

Guided Instructions


Clear guidelines on where and how to mail your application.

Swift Turnaround


Expect your new Social Security card within two weeks of the SSA's receipt of your application.

Required Documentation: What You'll Need

To apply for your new card, you'll need to verify your identity, age, and citizenship or immigration status. Here are the acceptable documents:

U.S Passport

U.S State ID and a U.S Birth Certificate

U.S Driver's License and a U.S Birth Certificate

U.S Military Card and a U.S Birth Certificate

School ID Card (showing your date of birth and a recent photograph) and a U.S Birth Certificate

Government ID Card (showing your date of birth and a recent photograph) and a U.S Birth Certificate

Important to Remember

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Original Documents

We only accept originals—no photocopies.

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Separate Returns

ID documents are mailed back separately from your new card.

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Certification Matters

Birth Certificates must be certified. Naturalization Certificates can substitute where applicable.

Processing Time: Set Your Expectations

Standard Processing

The SSA typically requires two weeks from receiving your application to process your new card.

Volume Variations

Processing times may extend due to high demand or local office workload.

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Immigration Considerations

For non-citizens, processing may take an additional 1 to 4 weeks post Visa approval.

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